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How to connect BrowserStack by using Protractor Helper

Hi guys,
If you wanna run your tests on BrowserStack by using Protractor Helper, you can use the following configs:
helpers: {
Protractor: {
seleniumAddress: ‘’,
url: ‘http://localhost:3333/’,
browser: ‘chrome’,
driver: ‘browserstack’,
rootElement: ‘body’,
angular: false,
//Run test in single browser via Browserstack
capabilities: {
“browserstack.user”: “blablabla”,
“browserstack.key”: “blablabla”,
“os”: ‘Windows’,
“os_version”: “10”,
“browserName”: “Chrome”,
“browserstack.local”: “true”,
“browserstack.debug”: “true”, // Generate screenshots at various steps in your test
“”: “true”, // see recorded video back on browserstack
“project”: “projectname”, // Project name to distinguish it on BrowserStack automate - Specify a name for a logical group of builds
“build”: “build”, // Specify a name for a logical group of tests
“name”: ‘the bestest one’ // Specify an identifier for the test run