Acknowledging the pipeline status based on Allure reports

:loudspeaker: Exciting news for CI/CD enthusiasts! When it comes to working with CI/CD, acknowledging the pipeline status based on Allure reports is a common practice. :rocket:

After generating the Allure report, we can leverage the files in the export folder to summarize the test results. One particularly useful file is export/prometheusData.txt. By using this file, we can run a command-line script like cd path/to/allure-reports && grep -q "launch_status_failed 0" ./export/prometheusData.txt to obtain the corresponding exit code. This exit code can then be utilized by the CI/CD system to collectively mark the build status. :bar_chart:

By incorporating this approach, we gain valuable insights into the test results and streamline the overall CI/CD process. It allows us to effectively monitor the pipeline status, ensuring successful builds and identifying any issues that may arise. :bulb:

Let’s embrace the power of Allure reports and utilize its capabilities to enhance our CI/CD workflows. Together, we can achieve more reliable and efficient software delivery! :muscle: