Can we able to achieve explicit wait using codeceptjs

Hei, I just want to wait for an element to be clickable once it is clickable then it has to click. As selenium we have explicit wait where we will add some condition like element to be clickable or interactable can we able to achieve these with the help of codeceptjs.

I.waitForClickable('.btn.continue', 5); // explicit wait of 5 seconds

Find here the full list of commands.

In the most cases you might not need to wait for anything because the framework awaits for the element automatically. Welcome to CodeceptJS!

Thank You. @jonatask. but in this scenario the element will be disappear with in 2 seconds. I will be displayed with load spinner.

Then perhaps you need to implement a normal but make use of retryFailedStep: Plugins | CodeceptJS

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Thank you @jonatask will try that :blush: