Cannot read property 'url' of undefined error occurring while executing automation script on safari browser on windows 10

@davert : I wanted to execute codeceptjs automation suite on safari browser.

However, when i tried executing scripts in safari browser on windows 10, execution is not starting instead i am getting following error


Is there any other configuration required to execute scripts on safari browser?


Does it support execution only on Mac machine(Safari browser)

Please provide your inputs.


Hey @gouri1

Apple no longer offers Safari browser and updates for Windows. So, currently, this is not possible to run a test in Safari on Windows.

But, you can try Playwright which provides the ability to run a test in the WebKit engine on Windows.

WebKit is the web browser engine used by Safari

@yevhen Thank you so much for your inputs.

I will try with playwright as per your suggestion.

@yevhen I have used playwright with WebKit.I have faced an issue wherein if the element is present in an iframe then the playwright shows element not visible.
Can you please help with this?

The same issue with webkit image from Selenoid (Moon) on Linux machine - Cannot read property ‘url’ of undefined for Webdriver helper

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