CodeceptJS - Compatible Continous Integration Tools


Is there a reference list of compatible CI Tools?
At the moment I am only aware of TeamCity, CircleCI and Bamboo listed here in the community.

All the CI tools are compatible. The community have shared only some of recipes.
Anyway, setting CodeceptJS with Jenkins would be pretty much the same as setting any other testing framework.

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

The reason for asking is, we are doing a POC with CodeceptJS and looking at the Pro’s and Con’s.
The compatibility with various CI Tools is on the list aswell.

Thanks, we will try to improve documentation on this part!
Anyway, all CI systems are pretty much the same, and if you ask in Slack for particular CI, there are people who have experience using it with CodeceptJS.

Hi @davert you have recipes for CI? if you already share could I get the link.

like davert mentioned, technically, all CI tools are compatible. I’m using this to create the templates for me which is quite convenience.

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