Docker Could not load helper ResembleHelper

I struggling to run my visual tests in docker container.
I am able to run functional tests without codeceptjs-resemblehelper helper in docker.
I am able to run visual tests without docker container.
I have codeceptjs-resemblehelper module added.

Tried to give the absolute path. REquired module manually. Nothing helped.
SImple docker command
docker run --net=host -v “$(pwd):/tests” codeception/codeceptjs codeceptjs run
also tried to give direct path formount
All I got is this

Could not load helper ResembleHelper from module 'codeceptjs-resemblehelper':
Cannot find module 'codeceptjs-resemblehelper'
Require stack:
- /codecept/lib/container.js
- /codecept/lib/codecept.js
- /codecept/bin/codecept.js

    at createHelpers (/codecept/lib/container.js:166:13)
    at Function.create (/codecept/lib/container.js:42:25)
    at Codecept.init (/codecept/lib/codecept.js:57:15)
    at Command.module.exports (/codecept/lib/command/run.js:28:14)
    at Command.listener (/codecept/node_modules/commander/index.js:315:8)
    at Command.emit (events.js:209:13)
    at Command.parseArgs (/codecept/node_modules/commander/index.js:651:12)
at Command.parse (/codecept/node_modules/commander/index.js:474:21)
at Object.<anonymous> (/codecept/bin/codecept.js:228:9)
at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:936:30)

Isolated issue by creating a basic project.

My config
const { setHeadlessWhen } = require(’@codeceptjs/configure’);

    // turn on headless mode when running with HEADLESS=true environment variable
    // HEADLESS=true npx codecept run

    exports.config = {
      tests: './*_test.js',
      output: './output',
      helpers: {
        Puppeteer: {
          url: '',
          show: true,
          windowSize: '1200x900',
    	  chrome: {args: ['--no-sandbox']}
         "ResembleHelper" : {
           "require": "codeceptjs-resemblehelper",
           "screenshotFolder" : "./tests/output/",
           "baseFolder": "./tests/screenshots/base/",
           "diffFolder": "./tests/screenshots/diff/"
      include: {
        I: './steps_file.js'
      bootstrap: null,
      mocha: {},
      name: 'Tests2',
      plugins: {
        retryFailedStep: {
          enabled: true
        screenshotOnFail: {
          enabled: true

Could you just include your node modules volume also to the container, I map the node mobules volumes to the container to make it work with helpers and docker container, let me know

I am using below docker config and still getting error.

image: codeception/codeceptjs:2.6.4
command: bash -c "rm -rf reports && rm -f mocha.json && codeceptjs run --debug --reporter reporter.js"
  - .:/tests

|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           | Could not load helper ResembleHelper from module 'codeceptjs-resemblehelper':|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           | Cannot find module 'codeceptjs-resemblehelper'|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           | Require stack:|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           | - /codecept/lib/container.js|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           | - /codecept/lib/codecept.js|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           | - /codecept/bin/codecept.js|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           | |
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           | Error: |
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           |     at createHelpers (/codecept/lib/container.js:166:13)|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           |     at Function.create (/codecept/lib/container.js:42:25)|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           |     at Codecept.init (/codecept/lib/codecept.js:57:15)|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           |     at Command.module.exports (/codecept/lib/command/run.js:28:14)|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           |     at Command.listener (/codecept/node_modules/commander/index.js:315:8)|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           |     at Command.emit (events.js:209:13)|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           |     at Command.parseArgs (/codecept/node_modules/commander/index.js:651:12)|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           |     at Command.parse (/codecept/node_modules/commander/index.js:474:21)|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           |     at Object.<anonymous> (/codecept/bin/codecept.js:228:9)|
|01-Aug-2020 06:10:48|codeceptjs_1           |     at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:936:30)|