(help) problem when using webdriver on I.setCookie()

problem with I.setCookie() while running functional test using webdriver + saucelabs. I attached a picture showing the config on saucelabs.


if (isYahooAccount) {
          await helper.amOnPage(YAHOO_LOGIN_URL)
          await forEachAsync([getCookie('B'), getCookie('T'), getCookie('Y')], cookie => {
            return helper.setCookie(cookie)
        return await helper.amOnPage(YAHOO_LOGIN_URL)

payload sent to the syntax


error message:

{ invalid argument: invalid argument: invalid 'expiry' (Session info: chrome=90.0.4430.72)

However, when I send the same param to I.setCookie() using Puppeteer, it worked just fine. I noticed that the error comes from this function below.


  • CodeceptJS version:^2.6.11
  • NodeJS Version:v10.21.0
  • Operating System:os
  • puppeteer || webdriverio || protractor || testcafe version (if related) ^5.23.0
  • chrome version: 90.0.4430.72 (shown on the image)
  • Configuration file:

I read on stack overflow it could be due to a bug in chromdriver with the version 73reference and later it was fixed in a later chromdriver relase
However, on the saucelab image, it can be seen that it is using version 90 so I shouldn’t have seen the error message