How to interact with elements in tables

I am fairly new to CodeceptJs and am using the Puppeteer helper. I am trying to do some basic tasks surrounding tables and have not found much info on how this can be done with some of the features included in Codeceptjs.

Such as

  • Getting row count of table
  • Clicking a check box that exists in col1 of a table for a given row based on specific criteria
  • Click a row
  • etc.

There are so many amazing features in Codeceptjs for finding elements on the page, the locate builder, etc., and I am wondering if anyone has any examples or can point me in a direction for some best practices/examples of how to work with tables?

Any insight would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you,

I.grabNumberOfVisibleElements(<locator>) can be used to grab number of rows if the proper locator is passed

If you pass the locator of a row or the header I.grabTextFrom(<locator>) returns an array of texts where you can find out what column you need by text of the needed element

And use for clicking