How to update codeceptjs latest version command?

HI ,

Can you please share codeceptjs update command?


Hi, as an option: set a new codeceptjs version in package.json and then run npm i

“dependencies”: {

"@wdio/selenium-standalone-service": "^5.16.10",

"codeceptjs": "^2.3.5",

"webdriverio": "^5.16.0"



yes, just update 2.3.5 to 2.6.6 for example. then run npm i (or npm install) from package.json file’s folder

I do it using npm install codeceptjs@<version>, e.g.:
npm install codeceptjs@2.6.5
or npm install codeceptjs (to the latest version).

It updates CodeceptJS and also updates package.json and package-lock.json. So if I commit/push the changes to Git and other test developers pull from Git, then they can run npm ci to update their CodeceptJS version.