Is it possible to use more than one config file on Codecept?

Hi guys,
I’d like to run my E2E tests both on my local and on browserstack with Codecept. As far as I know, the name of the config file has to be named as ‘codecept.config.js’ so Codecept is looking for this file each time. However, to run the tests both on local and on browserstack I need different configurations so I need to create two different config file and I’d like to call the config file that I want to use somehow. Is it possible for Codecept? Or could it be possible with the IDE I am using?

you can create as many config files as you wish, and specify the one you need to execute in that run by using

codeceptjs run --config=./path/to/my/config.js

Thanks a lot. Apparently I missed this command on ‘Run’ page of Codecept.