Report Portal throws error for "queued" status

I am using agent-js-codeceptjs plugin to publish the results on report portal but It keeps failing with error -

{“errorCode”:4001,“message”:"Incorrect Request. [Value is not allowed for field ‘status’.] "}

Request data :- {

It seems that queued status is not supported by reportportal’s client-javascript library whereas codeceptjs is trying to send this status to report portal. :frowning:
I am stuck now due to it. Is there anyway to stop sending queued status or any other workaround available on this.


  • CodeceptJS version: 3.4.1
  • Operating System: Linux Box (jenkins)
  • Playwright: 1.29.2
  • agent-js-codecept: 0.2.4

On more debugging, I found that its happening for below code
await I.grabTextFromAll(this.locator);
Metastep status that is already set to ‘queued’ in starting in agent-js-codecept, does not get updated once metastep is finished and hence this error.
Not sure how to fix it now.