Subtitles out of sync

Hello to all community users !

I recently upgraded to codeceptjs 3.3.0 and playwright 1.20.2
I activated video recording and the subtitle plugin in the conf file. Now, for every failed test a video .webm and a subtitle .srt files are generated. I launched the recording using kmplayer (playing recording in browser won;t pick up the subtitles) and the subtitles are out of sync: they start with a delay of 8 seconds between moment I see the action executed and when the action is displayed in subtitles then it seems that it play at a faster rate and it catches up somewhere at the end of the video.
There are no other documented settings that I can play with to adjust these timingsā€¦
Any idea what can be the cause of the issue and how can I fix the out-of-sync issue ?

Thank you !