Unclear how to use 'feature label'

Hi, we recently started using codeceptJS and it works like a charm!
I make this post because i’m a bit unclear as to how feature labels work.

What i did was make a something_test.js file that had

  • feature 1
  • scenario 1
  • feature 2
  • scenario 2
  • scenario 3

This works, all tests are executed (and in my case green) but then codecept doesn’t terminate (i.e. I run “npm codecept run --steps” from terminal and it doesn’t return to the prompt).
When i remove “feature label 2” , then the three scenarios will run and codecept will terminate ok.
When i put the two features in separate files it works ok, both are run and codecept terminates ok.

I tried looking up the usage of these feature labels in the documentation but all samples really have one feature and then one scenario. Also, there really is not much documentation on what a feature label does or what it’s purpose is. I did see some option about only running feature tests, but again without much explanation.
So my question is really when should and when should i not use a feature label (and why).
What other labels are there ??
And if the reality is “you can have zero or one feature label per test file” then perhaps you should enter that into the documentation somewhere (like perhaps in the best practises section??).

Thank you for the already great testing framework!


I don’t know if you know this but there is a slack chat for CodeceptJS here and there is a reply to your question which you can see from the image attached: