Using codeceptjs for iot event driven scenario testing mqtt protobuf


Since about one year, started using codeceptjs and expanding the usage to test our main webapplication.
I particularly like the structure and flexability of codeceptjs and have pageObjects, REST api , datafactory, scenario and scenario outlines and a tagged subset running in CI/CD, and other scripts making e.g. screenshots of the webapplication under different accounts and resolutions.

So I’d like to continue and extend upon codeceptjs for testing messages sent over mqtt and encoded in protobuf with tests in GWT syntax…

I have a small proof of concept with a basic setup with a feature file, steps file that has code functions and requires for protobufjs and mqtt.

  1. I’m thinking I should make 2 helpers 1 for protobuf and 1 for mqtt so I can extend the I object.
    This way may gherkin steps will be more readable and abstract.
  2. Similar to pageObjects, I was thinking it might be usefull to have msgObjects for each message type to have instances during the test so that data can be shared between the given when then steps.
    currently I just have global variables in my steps file.

Am I on the right track, or is this a stupid idea and should I be using something else, or approach it differently ?