autoLogin Playwright error in network.js

Hey there,

I’m trying to implement the autoLogin plugin while using Playwright. It works successfully for my first test and the store_session.json has all the right information, but I get a javascript error inside network.js when it tries to use the saved credentials for the next test.


autoLogin: {
  enabled: true,
  saveToFile: true,
  inject: 'login',
  users: {
    store: {
      login: (I) => I.loginStoreAssociate(),
      check: async (I) => await I.checkIfLoggedIn(),


My before section in my test file:

Before(login => {
    login('store'); // login using user session

The error when it starts the second test in the file: is not a function
      ypeError: is not a function
          at Object.rewriteCookies (node_modules/playwright-core/lib/network.js:44:20)
          at CRBrowserContext.addCookies (node_modules/playwright-core/lib/chromium/crBrowser.js:296:84)
          at CRBrowserContext.<anonymous> (node_modules/playwright-core/lib/helper.js:64:31)
          at Playwright.setCookie (node_modules/codeceptjs/lib/helper/Playwright.js:1406:34)
          at (node_modules/codeceptjs/lib/step.js:70:47)
          at /Users/jxr1831/Documents/GitHub/orderup-sell-testing/node_modules/codeceptjs/lib/actor.js:92:23

Is there some Playwright specific config needed?
“playwright”: “^1.0.2”
“codeceptjs”: “^2.6.5”,

Thank you for the help!