[Playwright] configurations "restart=session" and "keepBrowserState=true" doesn't work

My CodeceptJS version is 3.2.3, and I am working with playwright for the web GUI automation testing.
I would like to keep the browser open between tests (clear cookies and localstage), so in “codecept.conf.js”, the configurations on playwright of helpers, I set:

helpers: {
    Playwright: {
      browser: 'chromium',
      restart: 'keep',
      keepBrowserState: true,
      waitForNavigation: 'networkidle0',

But when I execute my tests by the data sets (generator with yield function), the browser still keeps open and close by each data set execution.

Could kindly help to advise how can I get my purpose?


restart: 'session' works since 3.3.0: Releases | CodeceptJS

Thanks for your reply, it’s helpful for me.