Connect remotely to appium server

We have a web app that we need to be supporting on iOS and Android platforms.
So we have the CodeceptJS test suites on a Windows machine and the Appium emulator on a remote machine. Is there any way we can run the tests on the emulator by setting any desiredCapabilities in CodeceptJS?
I have this setting in the codecept.conf.js file:

exports.config = {
tests: ‘./*_test.js’,
output: ‘./output’,
helpers: {
Appium: {
app: ‘’,
browser: ‘Safari’,
host: ‘’, (remote ip where appium server is installed)
port: 4723,
platform: ‘iOS’,
url: ‘’,
desiredCapabilities: {
platformName: ‘iOS’,
platformVersion: ‘11.0.1’,
deviceName: ‘iPad Pro (9.7-inch)’,
browserName: ‘Safari’
include: {
I: ‘./steps_file.js’
bootstrap: null,
mocha: {},
name: ‘CodeceptJS’