Update CodeceptJS Appium helper to use Appium 2.x

Because latest iOS has problems with Appium 1.x, Appium team is no longer supporting it and Appium 2 is working - I need to use Appium v2…
And this is most probably a problem with the CodeceptJS’s Appium helper, which needs to be updated to follow the Appium’s more strict compability with the W3C WebDriver specification.
we usually use desiredCapabilities in the codecept.conf.js like:

platformName: ‘iOS’
automationName: ‘xcuitest’

But the update needs a support for desiredCapabilities prefixes like:

appium:platformName: ‘iOS’
appium:automationName: ‘xcuitest’


browserstack:platformName: ‘Android’
saucelabs:automationName: ‘uiautomator2’

for now, we can’t configure variables with prefixes.

There’s also no way I know of, to contact the CodeceptJS maintainers for making this update.

Facing same situation. making life a lot harder to poc this framework.

Did you try 1.x to see if everything is working as it should be?

Hi Team, will still have no updates for Appium 2X? :worried:

you could test this out feat: appium v2 support by kobenguyent · Pull Request #3622 · codeceptjs/CodeceptJS · GitHub