Element not interactable

Hi folks, :slight_smile:

I’m trying to fill a specific field, but the test is giving me back the following sentence: “element not interactable”.
But when I insert the command pause, everything works good. I’ve already used “locate” and “waitForElement”, however just works with pause.

Does anyone have an idea to solve this?

Hi @andreyagra, can you try waitForVisible instead? https://codecept.io/helpers/WebDriver#waitforvisible

I.waitForVisible('locator', 5);

If this doesn’t work for you can you post the HTML of the element you are having issues with? It may be that the locator you use is not fully correct.

Thank you @unreal2frag!

In fact, I used a simple “wait”, but I hate this kind of solution. If the locator were wrong, I couldn’t reach the element using “Pause”. But I know what you mean, and thank you for your attention.

Cheers :beers:,