Selenium Headless mode issue

Hey all, I’ve managed to get Headless mode running for Selenium, but I have ran into the following error:

Error | element click intercepted: element click intercepted: Element <span class="dijitReset dijitInline dijitButtonText" id="dijit_form_Button_24_label" data-dojo-attach-
point="containerNode">...</span> is not clickable at point (27, 12). Other element would receive the click: <svg baseProfile="tiny" xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 36 40" aria-label="Placeholder logo" class="sc-fnCZgZ hmspxx">...</svg>

I read that it means there are overlapping elements in the DOM but I have not found a solution on how to resolve it. As some context, CodeceptJS is the first time I’ve dipped my toes into FE Automation so forgive the potentially dumb question :3