Error into Before section stops execution of all another scenarios

There is one feature file with several scenarios.
Additionally to scenarios, there is Before method with common initial steps.
One from initial step is waiting of expected elements count.
Codeceptjs returns error "element ({xpath: XXX]}) still not present on page after YYY sec
waiting for XPath “XXX” failed: timeout YYY000ms exceeded " in case of environment issue and too long loading of expected elements.
I expect to see fail of the actual scenario. And I hope, Codeceptjs will try to play all another scenarios from the feature file.
Actually I see 1 failed scenario + all another scenarios from this feature file are skipped.
Could you clarify the reason, make an advice how to update this feature file/codeceptjs configuration/etc and achieve what I want?

CodeceptJS: 2.6.8
Puppeteer: 4.0.1