"Error: Not async function!" when use "I.usePlaywrightTo"

I’m getting an error when trying to use step “I.usePlaywrightTo”.

The test looks like this:

Scenario.only('Test',() => {
    I.usePlaywrightTo('Try to get userId from response', async ({ page }) => {
        let response = await page.waitForResponse(`/api/user/create`);
        await page.click('button#create');
        // response = JSON.parse(response.body().toString());
        // console.log(response);

The error is:

  1) Tests
     Not async function!
function (_x) {
      return _ref2.apply(this, arguments);
Native helpers API is asynchronous, please update this function be async
  Error: Not async function!
  function (_x) {
        return _ref2.apply(this, arguments);

What am I doing wrong? How should I update this function to make it async?

Yep you need make your scenario async
Scenario.only(‘Test’, async () => {})