WebDriverIO helper how to use in test cases

Hi Team,

I would like to use helper WebdriverIO in test cases . Please provide the steps

It is not working for me when i try as below
. exports.config = {
output: “./output”,
helpers: {
WebDriver: {
url: process.env.CODECEPT_URL || “https://ids.ics.dev/identity-service/home”,
browser: “chrome”,
smartWait: 120000,
windowSize: “1440x881”,
waitForTimeout: 120000,

When i use the helper in test case it is saying Cannot read property ‘WebDriver’ of undefined

const el = await this.helpers.WebDriver._locate(’[id*=jqxScrollThumbverticalScrollBaridgr]’,false);
isDisplayed = (await el[0].isDisplayed());

error i am facing is : Cannot ready the property ‘webDriver’ of undefined

I think you might only have access to the this.helpers in a custom helper.