Getting error message while doing API testing

Hi Friends,

I am getting the below error message is displaying when i execute the API testing. Need help on this.

I.sendDeleteRequest(' ');

Error message : I.sendDeleteRequest is not a function

Hi, could you share your config please?

Hi Ufko,

this is i give in the config file for Rest.

Config File :
endpoint: ‘’,


Is it under helpers?


No… It;s not under helpers…

Config file :

exports.config = {
tests: ‘./*_test.js’,
output: ‘./output’,
helpers: {
WebDriver: {
url: ‘’,
browser: ‘chrome’

endpoint: ‘ttps://’,


@prem you need to move REST inside the helpers property .

@paulb bingo! Many people put the helpers, plugins in wrong place :slight_smile:

@prem you don’t need WebDriver helper if you just play around with REST

@peterngtr then we should improve docs, the actual example does not show the context

@paulb would you mind make a PR? I also have my REST demo

thnx paulb… for providing the information… Now it’s working…

thnx peterngtr… for providing the information…