I.sendDeleteRequest results in GATEWAY_TIMEOUT

I upgraded to Angular 16. Our codeceptjs tests all start with an I.sendDeleteRequest to http://localhost:4200/test However, we receive a 504 GATEWAY_TIMEOUT.
I am able to send a DELETE request to this endpoint from Postman and that works fine.

Any ideas to what may be the cause of this problem?

  • timeout timeout for requests in milliseconds. 10000ms by default.

Have you tried the timeout increment?

I gave it a try, but no luck. Besides that, the test fails in 1165ms, so I don’t believe the default 10000ms timeout is a problem.

I used to have the same issue when calling API and per checking with developers, the fix shall be from BE/Server rather than the rest client.

When I call http://localhost:4200/applepie (a non-existing endpoint :grinning:) I also get a 504 GATEWAY_TIMEOUT. When I ignore this response and continue with the test, other endpoints on http://localhost:4200/test are received. It is a bit of a mystery. Thank you for your responses.