Pause() timeout setting


Could you please help us to figure out how to set the timeout for pause() method under Codeceptjs configuration file. By default it’s about 1 minute but I need to increase it somehow.

I tried theese settings: timeout, newCommandTimeout and some other too file but with no result.

Here is the config file I’m using:

exports.config = {
tests: ‘./tests/*_test.js’,
output: ‘./output’,
timeout: 10000000,
helpers: {
WebDriver: {
browser: ‘chrome’,
host: ‘test:test@localhost’,
protocol: ‘http’,
path: ‘/wd/hub’,
port: 4444,
restart: false,
windowSize: process.env.TEST_WINSIZE ? process.env.TEST_WINSIZE : ‘1920x1080’,
uniqueScreenshotNames: true,
fullPageScreenshots: true,
smartWait: 300000, **
** waitForTimeout: 150000,

Thank you!