How to set mintimeout on scenario retries

I have an API which takes 1-3 minutes before updating its status.
I want to delay scenario reties by 30s.

I see this feature exists for retrying step, but dont find anything for scenario or features. Retry Basics

Scenario('My Test case', { retries: 10, minTimeout: 30000 }, async ({ I }) => {
    //This doesn't seem to work.....

The Scenario just starts again soon as it fails.

You can await based on the queue id.

const { recorder } = require('codeceptjs');
const queueId = recorder.getQueueId();

if (queueId === 2) {
  // await

More information here: Run the retry with different settings

Sorry for the late reply :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I think you didn’t understand what i seem to have been questioning. But nevertheless we figured out a decent looking solution to it

Scenario('Retry until new status', { retries: 10 }, async ({ I }) => {
  await PromiseTimeout(30000);
  //do the assertions
//skip some test if last test fails

function PromiseTimeout(delayMs) {
  return new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {
      setTimeout(resolve, delayMs);

Not the ideal fix, but works without any quirks.