[Help] How can I fix problem "I.amBearerAuthenticated is not a function"?

My testing by PlayWright with REST, and send the HTTP request by “I.sendPostRequest(…)”, “I.sendGetRequest(…)” etc. works find, but when I work on “I.amBearerAuthenticated(…)” failed, please check the screenshot as below.
Could you kindly help to advise how to fix the problem?

Which codeceptjs version are you using?

I am running codeceptjs version 3.2.3.

It’s introduced in 3.3.0

I see, let me try to upgrade to the latest version of CodeceptJS.

I’m afraid I.amBearerAuthenticated() might not work even in 3.3.0, see REST: Method "amBearerAuthenticated" doesn't work, no Authorization header is sent · Issue #3254 · codeceptjs/CodeceptJS · GitHub
Wait for a next version please.

I tried, It doesn’t work in 3.3.0.
REST query plugin looks like has some problems, as I set the headers by I.haveRequestHeaders(), but many cases it doesn’t work.