Help with Locator

Hey guys, can somebody help me?
I’m trying to use a locator to realize a form test, but I’m a beginner.
I’m actually ever using ID and text to reference the locators, but I’m blocked.
How i find the patch to use a locator for this test?
The feature is the “People” button, but using text “People” isn’t working.

Hello @phelipe
As I can see from the screenshot, your element locator is with xpath: .//a[contains(text(),“Pessoas”)]
How do you try to access it, maybe you can share some of your code?
Also in codeceptjs there is this thing called Locator builder which can help you to construct locators in a more understandable way …

I hope this helps, if not, please give more details on the context (which helper do you use along with CodeceptJS - Webdriver, Playwright … ? etc. )
Best regards