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How to return a value from function

Hi Guys,
I am very new to codeceptjs. As per my requirement I need to get a value from excel file when status column value is “Y” and I wanted to return the value from Name Column to the calling function and excel sheet contains the data is as follows
Name Number status
YYYY 1234 N
XXXXX 3456 Y
Function I have written like this
var Excel = require(‘exceljs’);
var workbook = new Excel.Workbook();
var selectStatus =’’;
module.exports = function() {
return actor({
trimSelectName: function(
) {

            .then(function(sheetName) {
                // use workbook
                try {
                    var workSheet =  workbook.getWorksheet("trim"); 
                    workSheet.eachRow({ includeEmpty: false }, function(row, rowNumber) {
                        if(i==1) {
                        } else {
                            currRow = workSheet.getRow(rowNumber); 
                            console.log("Name :" + currRow.getCell(1).value +", Number :" +currRow.getCell(2).value +
                            "Select Status :" + currRow.getCell(3).value) ;
                            selectStatus = currRow.getCell(3).value;
                            if(selectStatus == "Y") {
                                   return selectStatus;                              

                catch(Error) {


But I am trying to the print value from the calling function, I am always getting it as undefined

Calling function:
Const selected = trimDataSelection.trimSelectName();

Could you please let me know where could be the issue?