Ignorance of documentation

codeceptJS is realy a nice software but sorry, as a developer with many years of experience, I do not understand the simplest things. If I do research with google I get many answers, but sorry, none is really working. There is a very huge difference between should and do. In my eyes it is every developers work to explain a software well and in detail.
This I also expect from this team. Why there is not really 1 complete sample available? Why so much open requests here in the forum? I think because only the developers can answer and no-one else because no-one else will understand the chaos.

So please make codeceptJS ready to understand. For me it will beginn with the first of all action for automated testing: Login and Session/Cookie handling. It is a no go to have not 1 complete sample just artefacts.

Hi, as a developer who doesn’t write documentation properly, I’d like that maybe you could show me an example of a good written case. Unfortunately, you didn’t try to explain your case, you just blame me and the documentation. In my eyes, every user should at least try to explain their case well, in a detail. You don’t bring that details to conversation.

So please make this post ready to understand. It is no go as I don’t have a clue what you mean by “Login Session/Cookie handling”.

Also, this project is open-source, it is developed by me and other contributors in our spare time. I have no obligations to answer questions. I don’t get paid for that. I try to improve CodeceptJS every day but there is no magic in it, if you see that it lacks some things - you are welcome to help.

For instance, if official docs doesn’t work for you, try a book by @paulb https://leanpub.com/codeceptjs/


Hello, no-one want to blame you in any case. I think you have not understood the problem. I think your problem is, you totaly ignore the questions and needs from the developers who want to use your software. I have read your document, but sorry, what kind of advantage will do this document have for me?

What I asking for is simple tutorials or sample scripts. In my case I have really no Idea how to automatic use cookies to avoid a new login. autoLogin I can only use as a common script to login. I cannot use an old session oder cookie. The only thing codeceptJS is written is an empty file that it cannot read again because it is empty.
Cookie functions look like functions only for session usage. Means to start test and set a cookie. But it is not possible to read cookie value from cookie. grabCookie only works with own setCookie values. What Is the sense behind this?
As a developer with continous integration tests I want to save the data from cookie to json and later restore it to a new session, new test to avoid a login.
You documentation tells this in my eyes but your software cannot do this. Thats very confusing.

So why there is not a autoLogin sample, that first time fill login and do the login, after this, if saveToFile: true; is set, save the cookie to the generated empty json. And then reuse the the cookie data from json to start again.

In my case I really want
Click “Login”
GrabCookie() //Save to JSON file

Start new Test
GetDataFrom JSON
true: Look for title
false: re-login

This is the most usable test case every I think. If this is not working, and by the way I have really no idea how it can work with codeceptJS, for what reason you have autoLogin plugin. To save just 3 lines of code?

You know, I do not want everything for free. Iam willing to pay for everything, but codeceptJS is a blank book for me. I do not understand the advantage and how to use it.

As sample. All API I use. Also webdriverIO come with a very huge archive of samples. Yours: Not one and those available on google do not really work.

Maybe you consider this.

I bought the book yesterday on your reccomendation and it’s been worth the price already!!! It’s about 350 pages and about 11-12 topics too short (yes, I saw the TODO Chapters) but it’s a great start…cant wait to read the rest of it!

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Not true. We have examples in documentation page Examples | CodeceptJS

If you don’t understand the purpose of autoLogin plugin, why are you trying to use it?
Just login before each test. This is absolutely fine!

If autoLoginPlugin doesn’t work for you, don’t use it. Create login function in step_file.js:

module.exports = function() {
  return actor({
    login(email, password) {
      this.fillField('Email', 'user@system.com');
      this.fillField('Password', '123456');
      this.click('Sign in');

Inside a test

Before(() => {