What stops you from contributing?

Let’s discuss the issues you may have contributing to the framework.
Even the small typo fix is already a contribution!

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For me the different layers in the project (CodeceptJS -> WebdriverIO -> WebDriver API) are difficult to get at first hand.

The fresh diagram


from https://codecept.io/basics helps to understand the underlying architecture better.

And I still suspect the “mix” of different packages a difficult entry point.

Thanks for your input. You are one step closer to contributing :slight_smile:

Yes, I know about that. But I don’t have a nice idea how to solve this. It’s a feature to have different drivers for tests, but can be hard to get from start. At least at installation guide we have Puppteer version default one as it’s simpler.

Maybe you can give some hints how to make that friendlier?

How about a webinar from your side explaining the CodeceptJS architecture in detail? Maybe covering topics like: Looking at the different packages, creating a own helper or debugging a failing step (in IDE). What do you think?

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@davert a webinar showing you debugging and fixing my override question in Self-cleaning test would be a great help to support future contributions