Inspecting the Shadow elements and Automation them

Hi @jonatask , I am trying to automate the Shadow root elements can you help me to sort out how things work in Codeceptjs in Shadow root elements here.
Thank you

Hi @MohammadBaig

This material might help: Locating Shadow Dom Elements | CodeceptJS

I never had to deal with shadow elements given the development stacks I have been working with, I am sorry that I cannot help you more than this. Perhaps the community here can.



Ok already going through that Thank you . Do u have any material relate to AutoIT Integration with CodeCeptJs

No, I don’t. I would consider such a workaround as a last breathe, because the JavaScript frameworks have so much resources!

We can executeScript thus doing anything we can do in the browser console. We can implement our own helpers, plugins or even the driver (API) to interact with the browser. It is even possible to run native commands of drivers, beyond making use of innumerous JS libraries available at the internet.