Shadow root handling to be added to CodeceptJS Webdriver helper?

WebdriverIO v5.5 has recently added some updates to make it easier to handle shadow root elements. Would this be something that could be added to the Webdriver helper in upcoming releases as it would be extremely useful?

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Yeah, I was thinking on it. But I need some help, at first we need a webpage with shadow dom element so we could execute some tests for it. If you can provide one I would think on implementation in CodeceptJS

There is a sample page with a shadow root on it as follows. It would be great to addf this functionality to an already fantastic framework.

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@davert Do you have any plan to support shadow dom with webdriverio 5.x?
I have tried the new feature react locator of codeceptjs, but it can not work with shadow dom elements.
SO may be we need to provide special locator to support shadow dom.
Thank you.:grinning:

And this blog will be help.

Thanks, I will look at it