Living documentation ? (jsdoc, esdoc, documentation.js, docco ...)

I’m using codeceptjs for the first time. I’m not full time on this, so I’ve been playing around in a proof of concept mode for a few months. I’m more of an analyst, but have general development experience but not in javascript.

At the moment I’m rewriting the overview page modules, pageObjects as classes extending a base overview class, so I have the common methods defined in the base class.
Similary I have for the detail forms a base detail class, where again common methods are defined.
I added setX methods to the pageObject, now I have lots of similar setX methods which I could also just have on the base class.
For others to use the pageObjects, I want to have (living) documentation.
I’ve tried different javascript documentation npm modules, but I have not found one, that can just parse the files without having the standard comment blocks. The best I got is docco where the source is browsable and esdoc seems nicest, but requires comment blocks as far as I can tell.

So question is, for the ./tests is there some tool that can generate documentation of the class properties and methods.

For the ./features I have gherkindoc installed, which looks very nice. If I have the pageObjects documented, I think the tester will be able to implement the bdd step_definitions themself, saving me some time and making them selfsufficient. I want to avoid testers writing css selectors with I object, as we have major upgrade of angular app and templates in the pipeline. So as little detail as possible in the tests would help with regression testing.

An update, for ./pages I have installed another plugin. As a result, it is parsing the page objects asis without comments.
Warning, if you use /** @xxx */ as a single line, it crashes with a split of undefined error

this is my config


“source”: “./pages”,
“destination”: “./esdocs/pages”,
“plugins”: [
“name”: “esdoc-standard-plugin”,
“option”: {
“lint”: {“enable”: true},
“coverage”: {“enable”: true},
“accessor”: {“access”: [“public”, “protected”, “private”], “autoPrivate”: true},
“undocumentIdentifier”: {“enable”: true},
“unexportedIdentifier”: {“enable”: true},
“typeInference”: {“enable”: true},
“test”: {
“source”: “./tests/”,
“interfaces”: [“feature”, “scenario”],
“includes”: ["(spec|Spec|test|Test)\.js$"],
“excludes”: ["\.config\.js$"]
{“name”: “esdoc-ecmascript-proposal-plugin”, “option”: {“all”: true}}]