Plugin Coverage for Webdriver


I want to use a coverage test on my Codeceptjs tests. Unfortunately, the Coverage plugin is not available with the Webdriver helper.
I found an “old” plugin that allowed you to have a coverage test: codeceptjs-monocart-coverage. Recently this plugin is directly integrated into Codeceptjs (monocart-coverage-reports - npm).

Here is the configuration that I integrated into my codecept.conf.js.
monocart: {
require: ‘codeceptjs-monocart-coverage’,
enabled: true,
coverageOptions: {
name: ‘My CodeceptJS Coverage Report’,
outputDir: ‘coverage-report’,

But when I run my code I get this error:
[MCR] Not found coverage data in dir(s):

I opened an issue on Github (Webdriver helper · Issue #1 · cenfun/codeceptjs-monocart-coverage · GitHub) but without solution.

Has anyone ever encountered this type of error? Does anyone have another solution for coverage testing using Webdriver as a helper.

Thanks !