Test Execution Reporting


Reporting is a part of test process. Project team need to get a view of execution results after the tests are run.

With codecept providing options for parallel execution with cross browser testing(on browserstack/saucelabs), we need to come up with an aggregated report option embedded built in the current framework


We run tests in multiple chunks hence we have XML outputs generated in the codecept/output folder for each chunk. Is there a way to aggregate all the files into one so that we can have a consolidated report(using Allure or other reporter). Any help would be really great !


I think it’s possible to get it done with Allure but I don’t have experience on my own.

Right now I’m working on ReportPortal integration which is much better designed for aggregating reports. I’m looking for ReportPortal v5 to be launched to present my work.


Thanks @davert. Do you have an idea when ReportPortal v5 will be launched.


I think it’s December-January. Pretty soon


Hi @davert - any news about the report portal integration to share?


I see a gap between e2e test automation results and development teams and hope to minimize it by improving reporting.

I saw teams building customized dashboards for their own test automation projects, examples I stumpled upon are: