Updating field in React Applications

In some React applications fillField does not clear the field and value gets appended.
This is how you can overcome this issue and update fields in React.

Add to steps_file.js:

    updateField(fieldName, value) {
      this.appendField(fieldName, '');
      this.pressKey(['Shift', 'Home']);

With append field we select the field, by pressing Shift-Home we select the whole text (can be different on Mac), and then we replace that with the new input.

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Why do you use
instead of
fillField(fieldName, value)

Because the field is already focused and I don’t need to specify a field name to reactivate it.

But according to this or that pressKey accepts only special values like ‘Enter’ or ‘Control’ not just any ‘value’.

pressKey() in WebDriver doesn’t allow typing words. You have to send char by char, e.g.:

for (const char of text) {

CC: @ggguser

Good point by @mirao

We added type method for that

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Yes, type() is very useful, @davert . It’s faster than my pre-2.5.0 solution, and so far reliable in my scenarios.