Why does WebDriver "waitUntil" fails with "window is not defined"?

Any idea why I.waitUntil(() => window.document.readyState === 'complete'); fails with window is not defined?

original from @davert

it is executed on server side…

use executeAsync script for that or

const pageLoaded = browser =>
  browser.waitUntil(async () => {
    const state = await browser.execute('return document.readyState');
    return state === 'complete';
  }, 15000, 'Page load timed out!', 2500);

cool, thanks, I added this to the actor:

waitForDocumentStateComplete: function() {
  this.executeAsyncScript(function(done) {
    const interval = setInterval(function() {
      if (window.document.readyState === 'complete') {
    }, 100);

and could use it as I.waitForDocumentStateComplete()

I’m using I.waitForFunction(() => document.readyState == "complete", 10); in one of my page objects. It was an attempt to wait for page content after reload of browser.
Not sure it really works, but I know it doesn’t fail at least :grinning:

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cool thanks for the reminder, should do the same :smiley: