Accessing config in scenario


How to access the config value from a Scenario?

I would like to send params when running the scripts with -o but I struggle to understand how I can read them inside a scenario.

Ex: npx codeceptjs run --override ‘{ “data”: {“id”: 555 }}’

In a Scenario:


I would like to have the ‘555’ in the request to be dynamic.


Take a look at this config

I take a dynamic parameter, and add it to container:

After, I can access this parameter from a container:

Scenario('asdas', (I, project) => {});

Alternative solution:

First of all, thanks for your prompt replies/help.

I looked at all of them, but I was missing the part on how to make the values came from the command line (process.args) instead of process.env.

But I think the best approach in my case is to use

So now I just update the REST endpoints dynamically:

REST: { endpoint: null,

And command line sample:

npx codeceptjs run --override '{ "helpers": {"REST": {"endpoint": ""}}}'

I’m still stuck on how to send other custom params from process.args, but the solution above is a first step.

Thanks again

Ok just found this in the doc when searching for event listeners:

So now I just use let config = require('codeceptjs').config.get(); to get access to the dynamic configs.


Hey Thanks, this is working fine
Appium: {
app: process.cwd() + “/codeceptJS//APKs/myapk.apk”

However, I am looking to pass this process.cwd() from command line while overriding the “app” key in this json.

Something like : npx codeceptjs run --override '{“env”:“sit”,“helpers”:{“Appium”:{“app”:process.cwd() + “/codeceptJS//APKs/myapk.apk”}}

But it is not working and obviously giving JSON not correct error.
Could you please help.

My 2cents on this, you cannot have “process.cwd()” in the command line, it needs to be in plain text.

This will fail:

npx codeceptjs run --override '{“env”:“sit”,“helpers”:{“Appium”:{“app”:process.cwd() + “/codeceptJS//APKs/myapk.apk”}}

This will work:

npx codeceptjs run --override '{“env”:“sit”,“helpers”:{“Appium”:{“app”:“path/to/codeceptJS//APKs/myapk.apk”}}

Thanks a lot again Mickael. I actually want to override the path to apk via command line to test multiple apk through package.json file.

Thats off topic, but you my guess is that you could achieve that with a shell script.