Codeceptjs with Cypress

I want to implement cypress as the execution engine through Codeceptjs. Is there any was I can integrate Cypress.

Hey, seems like a very good idea! We investigated this option as well.
If you have time you can implement Cypress as a helper, that will be really great.

However, Cypress is pretty limited comparing to other engines and most of its interactions work on browser side. Which makes cypress integration a bit tricky and you won’t be able to build a full set of actions.

But at least you can try!
Check source code for current helpers, especially TestCafe which can look similarly to Cypress in some cases

Check other helpers there too!

Thanks for your quick reply.
Since I am new to Codeceptjs and java script, writing the cypress wrapper from scratch would be difficult. In case you have earlier investigated this or tried to create the customer wrapper for cypress, can you share that so that I can continue enhancing it.
If that is not possible can you please provide the detailed steps to create a custom wrapper so that I can start.

Sorry, if you are new to JavaScript I wouldn’t recommend you to do that deadly path :slight_smile: