Custom Helper - Browserstack

Here is the thing, you setup everything is up and running well with codeceptJS and Browserstack, however at the end, you don’t see the test status and test name are updated on Browserstack build. What’s up? Don’t panic, not a big deal, you will need to call the BS endpoint to update the test status, name, etc. Well, to help you not invest much time on this, I create this codeceptjs-bshelper. This super easy setup would do the best thing. :slight_smile:

Let’s install the lib
npm i --save-dev codeceptjs-bshelper

Okay, not too much words, let’s dive in the configuration.

This helper should be added in codecept.json/codecept.conf.js


   "helpers": {
     "Webdriver": { ... },
     "BrowserstackHelper": {
      "require": "codeceptjs-bshelper",
    "REST: {}

At the end, this helper also expose the BS Link which is accessible to see more details of the build.
Nothing more, nothing less. That’s it!