Ideas for new versions

What would you like to see in next versions of CodeceptJS?

  • Would like to have a test.skipped event emitted.
  • Would like to see how many times a test was retried in the output / reports.

I have a small one…
• In the interactive console, ‘next’ should be default (when you hit enter).

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I would like so see a better BrowserStack integration with the following features:

  • Pass testname to browserstack (so we can see on browserstack whats the actual feature and scenario tested)
  • Mark failed test as failing on BrowserStack
  • Download failure videos from BrowserStack so they can be served as GitLab artificat
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I vote for this, we had to do some changes at our end to achieve get the feature and scenario name shown on BS

Hi @Sud - can you share the changes with us? I am pretty interested in that too :slight_smile:

  • show skipped tests in Allure
  • allow to annotate a test as pending and show it in Allure
  • don’t stop test execution on the first failure of a scenario
    All the other Scenarios might still work

Native Coverage reporting, for example:

Feature('Temporary velocity');

Before((I) => {

After((I) => {

Hey, I would like to work on all of these ideas, but unfortunately I need some funds for living.
If you want to hire me to improve CodeceptJS - my terms are here