How to run Codecept tests on Browserstack?

I’m trying CodeceptJS for first time, documentation was good and easy to start. I have a question around running CodeceptJS BDD on Browserstack, could you please guide me with a sample codecept.conf.JS. I’m clueless where to add.
I was trying this for test cafe and planning to run on Web Browser and Mobile Browser.

Thanks a million for advance help

Hello @amar, for running CodeceptJS tests on Browserstack I guess you can find good examples in the BrowserStack documentation like Puppeteer test on Browserstack and Playwright tests on Browserstack

  • The important part is the “caps” section which contains the settings for the browser and the credentials for Browserstack,
  • Also important is the “browserWSEndpoint” property (you can see it in both example codecept.conf.js files in the links), which is where your tests will run …
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Thanks @ednasutrin I have tried to follow the example and gave it a try with testcafe but the test runs locally only. Could you please suggest